Who we are

What makes us a good team?

In 1990 Matt Whitby and Claire Whyte met at art college in Burton upon- Trent. After thirty years of friendship, our love of writing and comedy became the writing collaboration: Whitby and Whyte. 


During the first lock-down of 2020 we formally began writing together and started crafting our first screenplay: ‘Living with Abaddon’. The screenplay has been well-received in the industry, giving us a determination to hone our voice.


Alongside this we are developing scripts for radio another comedy-drama series titled ‘Charitable Causes’ and we have ideas for a horror-short and other projects. We are dedicated to writing imaginative and diverse scripts that entertain.

Matt Whitby

Matt is an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Photographer based in Nenagh Co. Tipperary. Having worked for leading advertising agencies in Dublin in 2010 Matt started his own business which delivers a bespoke range of services tailored to his clients’ needs. Matt has worked closely with producers, copywriters, photographers, storyboard artists, casting agents and production houses to deliver a campaign. He checks copy for clients on radio press and brochures.


Claire Whyte

Claire is an accredited Creative Psychotherapist based in Co. Meath. She delivers lectures and workshops regularly across Ireland. Her published works include a range of support material and resources for families. Claire’s work as a therapist adds to her skills as a writer it enables her to utilise her knowledge of psychology and human behaviour which she brings directly to the character development: arcs traits and body language. These techniques could be employed for casting direction and series production.