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Hornicast - Fictional Comedy Series (Audio)

Slide into the world of Hornicast Productions – Europe’s largest audio porn creator – and meet the saucy Dublin family behind its success.

Listen to Hornicast episodes here
Hornicast reached number 29 in the Apple Irish Podcast Charts (July 2023)

Living with Abaddon - TV Series (Pilot)

Janet ‘The Cleaver’ is free to find happiness. Life’s hard when you’re stuck with a criminal record, an asshole husband and a scheming demon.

Shortlisted in BBC Writersroom ‘Open Call’ 2021
Filmarket Hub ‘Project of the Month (October 2023), in the category ‘Best International TV Series Project in English language

Last of Their Kind - TV Series (Pilot)

Impulsive energy vampire Shirley arrives to purge another town, where she battles local resistance and unearths the truth: she’s not alone.

Dog Walkers – TV Anthology

A darkly-comic anthology series where dogs unlock the twist in each tail.

Off Season - Short

Mary hates the camper van and is stuck with her disgusting husband Tony – but fate takes the wheel and brings her on an unexpected journey.

3rd Place in Screenwriters Ireland’s 2022 Short Story Competition
Shortlisted by Sticky Tape Productions for their 2023 Short Story Callout

My Love, My Sweet - Feature

A troubled young woman obsessed with finding love struggles with reality – and the dark entity pursuing her.

Matt Whitby

Matt is an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Photographer based in Nenagh Co. Tipperary. Having worked for leading advertising agencies in Dublin in 2010 Matt started his own business which delivers a bespoke range of services, tailored to his clients’ needs. Matt has worked closely with producers, copywriters, photographers, storyboard artists, casting agents and production houses to deliver campaigns. He checks copy for clients on radio, press and brochures. Matt is also a photographer.

Claire Whyte

Claire is an accredited Creative Psychotherapist based in Co. Meath. She delivers lectures and workshops regularly across Ireland. Her published works include a range of support material and resources for families. Claire’s work as a therapist adds to her skills as a writer, utilising her knowledge of psychology and human behaviour which she brings directly to character development: arcs, traits and body language. These techniques could also be employed for casting direction and series production.

What makes us a good team?

In 1997 we moved from the UK Midlands to Ireland and retain a shared connection to our roots and the sharp tongues we grew up around. After thirty years of friendship, we formally began writing collaboratively as ‘Whitby and Whyte’. Determined and hard working, we write surreal stories with darkly comic undertones and authentic, multi-layered characters. We have an appetite for telling original and funny stories – that bite!

Our first screenplay ‘Living with Abaddon’ was shortlisted for interview by the BBC Writersroom Open Call 2021. We joined the BBC Writersroom Belfast Voices programme 2022, where we developed ‘Last of Their Kind’, as well as an anthology series ‘Dog Walkers’ – both with a dark comedy slant. 

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