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Living with Abaddon

Comedy Drama TV Series written by Matt Whitby and Claire Whyte

“Janet ‘The Cleaver’ is free to find happiness. Life’s hard when you’re stuck with a criminal record, an asshole husband and a scheming demon.”

Living with Abaddon


JANET WHEELER believes people are targeted by demons to do their foul bidding. Most are oblivious to their antics, but Janet is unusual – she can see and speak to hers. Demon ABADDON soon manipulates her into committing a string of crimes. Making the town a playground for their covert mischief and money-making, the pair became unlikely soulmates. Abaddon promised Janet a life she yearned for, but what she actually got was life in prison – for murder.

We catch up with Janet just before her release, as she returns to cheating husband, DON. She hopes to rewrite the lost years of their marriage, but their home has become a nest of deceit and jealousy. Abaddon’s crass, medieval attitude isn’t helping the situation, and he’s getting under her skin again. Pressure mounts on all sides for Janet to return to crime – and Abaddon is thrilled to be back in the game.

Leaving her past behind isn’t going to be easy, and Janet must lose everything before she can truly break free.

Pilot script available on request.